Garden, Taxes, Vote and more…

Because the winter in Thailand was not cold at all we think we will have less or no fruits on the trees/bushes in our garden. The Thai cherries are there but less, we will not have mango’s this year, the mulberries (moerbei) bushes look OK but for now no Nonya (custard apple) and no Lam Yai (longan). Because the Thai summer started really warm and dry we don’t expect that is will be much better than this. Siripron is testing with some corn seeds, first in pots and now in the garden on the neighbor side.

March is the time for taxes in The Netherlands and in Thailand. For the first time I could do my NL taxes return by Internet and I expect to get my Income Tax back for an extra pension that I’ve got in 2018. For Thai taxes we went again to the Revenue Office in Sawang Daen Din to pay 5.000 THB as total taxes over 2018. The only thing that changed there was that I could pay at a mobile pin device.

On Sunday 24 March people in Thailand could vote for a new Parliament. About everything involved with these elections in Thailand there are many stories about what went wrong and what strange things happened. In this blog I will only mention the New Zealand votes that were not in time because forgotten at the airport. That’s why only these photos and one photo is edited because it was inside the voting building.

The aircon in our bedroom was not working well because sometimes the outside unit stopped working. The solution was to change the power source to another group on our fuse box and now the aircon is working well but our power bill went up (but also because of the warm summer).

Other things that happened:
– @The German Restaurant (Kham Ta Kla) we also bought frikandellen for Warunee.
– The birthdays of Benz (4 March) and Both (10 March).
– The end of the television show “De Mol” in The Netherlands and the start in Belgium.
– A documentary about Spandau Ballet.
– We bought our first durian fruit of this season.
– My toe nail goes good (I will not do a photo again ;-).