Rain, Kalasin, Sweden, Bangkok and more…

With still one month to go we noticed that the rainy season is wetter than the years before. There are more days with rain and not so many with sun. Areas nearby by the Mekong River have many problems with too much water (also in Myanmar reservoir broke). Also Sawang Daen Din, our amphur (Township), had some flooded streets but not as worse as 1 year ago when the Lotus Supermarket had to close. But so far we are lucky that Ban Pho Chai/Ban Thon don’t get so many heavy rain showers and the advantage is that I don’t have to give water to our garden, only the pots that are protected by the roofs.

The Saturday before the birthday of queen Sirikit (Mamma Day) we went for a trip to see a few temples nearby Kalasin, about 200 km (3,5 hour) from our home. At first we went to Phu Sing, a temple on a hill and we climbed the 527 steps. For lunch we drove to Kalasin but on our way we found a nice restaurant and stopped there. After the lunch we went to the Dinosaur Museum nearby and visited the nice Phu Kaew temple complex. Because it was already late we drove back another way so we could stop at Robinson’s in Sakon Nakhon for dinner and some shopping at Tops Supermarket (real cherries and more).

Warunee went with Den (my brother in law) to Sweden because Thomas, Warunee’s husband, found a well payed job for Den. At first Den was picking berries in the north of Sweden but he also worked 1 week to maintain a forest property with a few other Thai people. Den has a working permit for 3 months and Warunee is now back in Thailand.

In Bangkok Both is now permanent working as a guard at the Philippine Embassy, he has an army haircut and works in a uniform (see photo). Piauw was not really content at her work at a beauty clinic (less pay and many extra costs) but next month she will start a new job as a cashier at a restaurant (more salary).
And Benz… is working in Bangkok with the same boss as before. To my surprise his home sickness was not the main issue but there were problems with a colleague and that person stopped working for this boss.

Other things that happened:
– Our car got an 1-year check-up and we paid the rest of the car insurance.
– After 1-year we drove almost 11.000 km with our Honda Jazz.
– Siripron went with other people to find mushrooms in a forest nearby.
– We went again to Kham Ta Kla for my bread, sausages and frikandellen.
– ICS cards send me a message that they will stop with Visa credit cards in Thailand.
– For my GBF pension I had to send proof that I am still alive.
– With my mini drone I did some test flights in and around our garden.