House, Farang Food, Sakon and more…

Because the aircon in our room was not working fine we ask “teacher Benz” to check and clean it. On the first appointment he checked the aircons in the rooms of Benz & Both and he analyze our problem. The second time he put every aircon on a separate power fuse and did some extra grounding for our aircon. The result was great. Also this month our Dutch flag and Thai flag were mounted on our front wall. This took so long because the Dutch, brought by my brother Peter, had to be made smaller, after that the rope was upside-down and we had to buy bigger flag poles.

With Lazada we ordered again several things for in and around the house. The telescopic ladder has maximum length of 5 meter and in “A-shape” it’s almost 2,5 meter, so we can do more repairs our self. We checked already the rain pipes for dirt and changed one of the outside light bulbs. The wooden screen is for sun protection on our terrace, but we first want to paint in to a darker color.

Thanks to our Belgium friend Rudi I could order some “farang food” from the more tourist parts of Thailand. So I had to drive almost 60 km to Rudi’s home nearby Wanon Niwat for getting my order of 1 smoked mackerel, 4 herrings and 4 smoked sausages (rookworst).

On 17 September we went to Sakon Nakhon for my 90-days report at Immigration and Siripron went to the Provincial Health Office to make changes to her will. Of course we had lunch in the Robinson Shopping Centre and on our way back we went to the Sawang Daen Din Tax Office to do my half year report. I let them also sign a paper for my Dutch Taxes refund request, because for every pension number I have to do a new request.

In Bangkok Piauw found for the second time another job, she now works in a beauty shop in a supermarket complex. Piauw also brought her car to the house Warunee because the car had to change from red temporary to normal number plates and the parking in Bangkok was a little expensive.

Other things that happened:
– We went again to Kham Ta Kla for my bread and sausages.
– On Dutch TV one of my favorite shows “Expeditie Robison” started again.
– We saw a “commercial” elephant walking on the road from home to Sawang Daen Din.
– Siripron went to the retirement party of the boss of all the small hospitals.