Weather, Wild Boars, Family and more…

The rainy season started mild in June but in July we had some more days with only rain or with rain in the night/morning and again in the afternoon. A big storm passed us nearby and brought floods to the north of us (nearby the Mekong River). Another storm let a not finished dam in Laos collapse, people and livestock died, and it made many people homeless. Rain is of course good for the new planted rice on the rice fields but people already talk about too much water on some places.

About 13 Wild Boars, a football team and a coach in a cave. Of course this was “World News” so I only want to tell about how I experienced it. A few days after the news about the boys missing I had little hope they would find them alive. But then the two British divers found them… big emotions in the whole of Thailand !!! From that moment on we were following every news on Facebook, and there was many “fake news”. From an Australian documentary I’ve learned that there was 60 to 70% change to get the boys out the cave. But at the end all boys were saved and of course there were big emotions again.

Half July Benz came home from Bangkok, he was not happy at his work and I think he was also a little homesick. Everybody is now trying to find work for Benz nearby and if we don’t find it, we have to look a little more faraway. On 21 July we celebrated the birthday of Warunee with cake and a home BBQ. Piauw and Both went to Bangkok to find other work because the starting-up of an insurance agency was very difficult and mamma Piauw does the same job. They will start working at 1 August, Piauw as a clinic assistant and Both as a guard (Hotel & Embassy Philippines), they found a 1 room apartment in Bangkok.

I bought a mini camera drone (clone Mavic mini) but I’m only testing it inside the house because of the rain and there was too much wind.

We also had the start of the 3 months special Buddha Days with the 2 days of Asahna Bucha (27 and 28 July). Siripron had overtime at the small “hospital” so we couldn’t go to the Temple in the morning. 28 July was also the Birthday of the Thai King (Rama X) so there was an extra day-off on 30 July.

Other things that happened:
– Our car got an insurance check-up at Honda.
– We went to Kham Ta Kla for my bread and sausages.
– I can now transfer money by Internet (computer and App) from my Thai bank account.
– Because of new options we changed our Internet speed and we’ve got a new router.
– English/Thai lawyers finished my new “Last Will”.
– I’ve have seen the last 2 games of World Cup football.