House, Cars, Sakon, Udon and more…

Because our rain pipes (gutter) were leaking on almost every connection Arun, the middle brother of Siripron, came to fix them and with the help of Both most of them are leaking much less. Because the aircon in the room of Benz was not cooling enough somebody came to fix that. Our garden profits from the rainy season so plants and trees get an extra impulse to grow.

Our Honda Jazz was 2 days in the garage to get new wiring after the mouse attack (see the blog of last May). The family of Piauw bought a new Suzuki and Piauw & Both are using it for visiting potential Health Insurance customers.

We went again to Immigration at Sakon Nakhon now for my 90-days report because the Internet application doesn’t work. It was a short visit and we did a lunch and some shopping at the Robinson shopping mall. The next day we went to Udon Thani to buy a present for Siripron for our Anniversary (24 June 3 years married) and her Birthday (30 June). Of course we stopped for lunch at the Central Plaza shopping mall. In the evening we went with 2 colleagues of Siripron to a marriage dinner.

Benz came home from his work to have a doctor examination because he had the same problem as about a year ago. After one week he went back to work in Bangkok/Pattaya.

Our Android box has now also Apps for Thai TV because our antenna is probably broke by one of the thunder storms. In June we’ve seen some great movies like “Black Panther”.

Other things that happened:
– Most of the rice fields around us are now planted with small rice plants (or seeds).
– I bought a cycling Smart Watch and I already tested it a few times.
– Piauw and Both sometimes sleep at our house when their next visit is close by.
– We’ve seen some World Cup football but not much.
– We bought, our long overdue, birthday presents for Mudmie & Mudmai.
– Thai lawyers are busy with making my new “Last Will”.
– June 30 the Birthday dinner of Siripron at the house of Eye’ (our nice).