Yellow book, Car, Sky walk and more…

In May we applied for my yellow “Tabien baan”, which is a special address book for foreigners (township registration). After preparing many papers we went to the Government of People in Sawang Daen Din where they checked everything. Almost 2 weeks later, in which they prepared some forms, we had to come back to fill-in the forms (about 2 hours work for Siripron). One day later we had to come with our witnesses (Papa, the boss of our village & Den) for signing the papers. And again one day later I’ve got my “Yellow book” and a foreigner Thai ID. There is many discussion about the advantages of having this but it’s for me also a feeling: “I am now a resident in our house and not a guest”!

Saturday 19 May we went to the Honda dealer for washing/cleaning and a short check-up of the car. But at the check-up they saw that the electric cable of the car were damaged, probably by mice or rats. Honda advised us to call our insurance (the first year free from Honda) and the next week we went to Udon Thani for an Insurance check-up. The repairs will cost about 25.000 THB (EUR 670,–) and we only had to pay our own risk of 1.000 THB (EUR 26,–). The car will be repaired in June.

Because Piauw had an early exam in Udon Thani we went Sunday 20 May to bring her and Both. After that we decided to make a trip to the “Nong Khai Sky Walk”, about 70 km west from Nong Khai, a trip nearby the shores of the Mekong River. We really enjoyed the drive with great views to the Mekong and just before we arrived we saw people parasailing. So we stopped and took our time to see them jumping.

Later we drove the last kilometer to the parking of “Wat Pa Tak Sua”, nearby the city of Sangkhom, for the Sky Walk. The Sky Walk was a little bit smaller than I expected because it’s only a platform but we had a great view on the Mekong River. On our way back we bought 10 kg of pineapples (100 THB – EUR 2,70) in the city Si Chiang Mai, a city “famous” for the quality of pineapples.

Other things that happened:
– We went to Sakon Nakhon Immigration for a proof of address (see yellow book).
– Warunee came back from her visit and brought us gifts.
– Our neighbors on the other side of the street did a celebration of the new house.
– Piauw & Both slept a few nights with us because Piauw had to study for an exam.
– A visit to the German Restaurant in Kham Ta Kla for bread and sausages.
– On 30 May Piauw succeeded for her Insurance agent exam.