House/garden, Temple, Chok Dee and more…

For the house Arun fixed our broken lights in our bedroom, in Benz bedroom and in the kitchen. Because it’s also winter in Thailand now we almost get no rain so every other morning before breakfast I give the flowers, plants and trees water – the other morning I only do the pots in front of the house and he (hanging) pots behind. On the photo are some of our flowers because this is the time for flowers in Thailand.

On “our” Temple complex (Wat Si Phon Sung) the building of the new Temple building was finished and Papa had to help/supervise the preparation for the celebration. This celebration was 16 until 19 January and Siripron and I were there only Thursday 18. We started in the morning with the giving of candy/cookies/chips in name of the Ban Thon Hospital. In the evening we went to see the big show with singers and many dancers from Khon Kaen (I think a group of around 80+ people). This was a big attraction and many people came to see it, so it was really busy with cars and motorbikes in our street. The most of them parked in the now dry rice fields near by the Temple. Friday evening it was again “quiet” in our village but then about 20 boys/men joined the monks in our Temple for their training.

Mudmie, one of the twin of Warunee, went to the hospital. First at Sawang Daen Din but later she was transported to Udon Thani. She had a serious infection in her jaw after a tooth was removed. But after treatment she could come back home again.
Benz stopped his evening/night work bringing fish to the local shops/markets because his work is taken over by family of the boss. Maybe this is a good thing because he has now again regular hours and after April he wants to go back to school full time. This half year he only goes to school on Monday afternoon for 1 lesson.
Chok Dee is doing well and because he is now more than 1 year with us here are a view photos of him in our garden…

Other things that happened:
– Of course we went again to Kham Ta Kla for bread, sausages and frikandellen.
– For my definitive year Visa we went to Immigration at Sakon Nakhon.
– We went to a Chinese fondue restaurant to celebrate the year bonus of Warunee.
– With Piauw & Both we went to the all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant to celebrate the birthday of Piauw (199 per person = € 5,10 including soft drinks).