House, Phu Tok, Visa and more…

Chok Dee managed to get in the house, when Siripron saw him he ran away and bumped to our front sliding door. Now the door makes many noise when he slides and has to be repaired. Also the kitchen light and one of our bedroom lights are broken. So we will have to do some repairs in 2018. We already planned to do an aircon in the (not much used) bedroom of Both because that is also the guest bedroom.

On Tuesday 5 December (Thai Papa day/King 9 day) we went to Phu Thok, about 100 km from our house. Phu Thok is a big rock with on top a Temple. Around the rock is a pathway made from wood and in 7 stages you can walk/climb to the top. From the pathway there are some great views of the surrounding area. Although upfront Siripron was more afraid, it was me that moved very slowly on the fourth level… and it was so slow that we stopped at that level. I have a fear of height and my weight of almost 100 kilo gave me not a good feeling on the wood boards. On are way back we drove a more touristic route and we had lunch in Phon Charoen.

For my Marriage Visa extension of 1 year we had to prepare again many papers. On Tuesday 12 December we went first to the KTB bank in Sawang Daen Din for the proof of money, we had lunch at Robinson in Sakon Nakon, after that we drove to Immigration. But Immigration wanted a 6 month statement of my bank so we went to KTB in Sakon Nakhon and after that back to Immigration. I now have a temp extension in my new passport, I will get my definitive visa in January. Two people from Immigration also visited us on a Saturday to check if I still lived there.

For Christmas we visited on 23 December with Piauw & Both Central Plaza in Udon Thani. Both bought new “sport” shoes and then we had a lunch at “The Pizza Company”. Benz couldn’t come with us because he works at night bringing fish to the markets. On Christmas Day and Boxing Day Siripron had to work and also had to do overtime, so we did a candlelight breakfast with Sky Radio Christmas music. New Year’s Eve was the standard Karaoke dinner/evening with music from Wutti and family from Bangkok & Udon Thani came to celebrate.

Other things that happened:
– From Georg & Supaporn, Kham Ta Kla, we got a present for Christmas/New Year and we bought not only bread & liver sausages but also Xmas bread & lebkuchen cookies.
– With John Bridge I went to Bandung for the Big C Supermarket and Pin’s Café.
– On my mountain bike I reached 997 km this calendar year.
– With our new car we drove about 4,800 km (starting from 5 August).