Loy Krathong, front wall, rice harvest and more…

Friday 3 November was the day for Loy Krathong. On Loy Krathong the Thai honor and thank the goddess of water (Phra Mae Khongkha). By putting a Krathong, a floating mini raft made of leaves and flowers (with or without a burning candle), in the water they hope also that all the bad things will disappear. So good health and other wishes are also send on the water. Siripron and I went in the evening to Sawang Daen Din to send our Krathong on a small lake. We also went to the Krathong Festival to see the Krathong trucks, some dancing, food stalls and some fairground attractions for kids.

For the garden we had to repaint our front wall with acrylic finish. So we ask uncle, the papa of Eye’e Kapolo, if he had time to do this and with a helper he was finished in less than 2 days. Because winter in Thailand is the time for flowers I made some photos of the beautiful colors we see now in our garden (here is one example).

End of November is also the time for the rice harvest on the fields around our village. So also the rice fields of Siripron and our family. But because we gave the maintenance of our rice field to Arun (a brother of Siripron) Siripron helped a half day in the weekend that they cut the rice fields. The weekend after that the family collected the bundles and waited on the machine to get the rice into the bags.

Because Benz this half year only goes to school on Monday afternoon, he works many times with an uncle to repair cars, drives a tractor and they work together on rice en sugarcane fields. But the first part of November Benz also went with an uncle in the night to deliver fish to several markets in our area. Benz is a strong person and many people want him to help them.

Other things that happened:
– I received my new passport by post and in December we will go to Immigration for a new Marriage Visa in this passport.
– John Bridge and his little boy Tony visited us again on a Sunday. With John I went to Bandung for the Big C Supermarket and Pin’s Café.
– Chok Dee got an injection against tics, he destroyed a part of the hose for watering the garden and he destroyed another pair of slippers. One year ago we visited the Bangkaew dog breeder and I can say that then Chok Dee choose us.
– We went with Piauw & Both to an all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant.
– On my mountain bike I will reach (maybe almost) 1.000 km this calendar year.