House/garden, Bangkok, cremations and more…

In October there were again some repairs done at our house. Tiang and helper did longer screws in all our outside lights, they repaired the bedroom light of Benz and fixed the electric hot water in the second bathroom. But… the bedroom light and hot water stopped working again. Arun fixed the hot water again and changed the broken lock of our room. The wood of Papa was moved from our garden to the home of Warunee because she have a dry place for it. In our garden we did some extra yellow flowers because of the cremation of King Bhumibol (yellow was the color of King Rama 9).

Warunee sold our old Honda City and Siripron had to go with her because the car was still on Siripron her name. Our Honda Jazz has got the official (white) number plates. Also in October we drove our last free kilometers on the petrol card from Honda.

This month we went 3 times to the Udon Thani Airport. The first time when Piauw & Both went to Bangkok for a doctor appointment. The second time we went to Bangkok for my renewal of my passport and we bought a Bamboo Alto Saxophone. On the flight to Bangkok Warunee jointed us for a visit outside of Thailand. When Warunee got back we went with Mudmie & Mudmai to get her and after that we visited the Central Plaza shopping mall in Udon. We bought some “farang” food and shoes, socks and a cap from Converse. At home we got some presents from Warunee, two kinds of Dutch cheese, Proscuitto di Parma and a stretch jeans for Siripron.

Friday evening 20 October the Papa of our neighbor Philaiphon Khamsabai died. Mr. Khamsabai was one of the leading people with ceremonies in our village. For us he did (with other people) the following: our Engagement, The Celebration of building our house and The Celebration when the house finished. Siripron helped a few days and of course we went of course to his cremation.

On October 26 was the cremation of King Bhumibol, in the morning we were for overtime at the small hospital, we I watched the ceremony on my laptop but a part of the afternoon we watched it on TV. After the prayers in the morning the special coffin was brought from the Royal Palace to the cremation “mountain”, a building special made for this King. Before going on top of the “mountain” the family did three rounds around the building. In the evening the actual cremation took place. After this day the ashes of King Bhumibol went to two temples and the bones are kept in the Royal Palace.

Other things that happened:
– Both did his first army check-up, later Both will have to do the Army lottery.
– The celebration of our village was for the second year simple because of the restrictions until 29 October.
– Our monthly visit to Kham Ta Kla for bread, liver sausages and frikandellen.
– Chok Dee got again an injection against tics.