The Weather, Farangs, supermarkets and more…

The evening shower of Thursday 21 September was just finished and then the power went off. The reason was clear but we had heavy winds and a tropical rain shower. Because the wind was coming from the east all the floors under the windows on the right side of the house were wet, and not a little wet. The power down lasted about 2 hours and in the night the power went off again for a half hour. But we were lucky because this was the only major wind/rain that we’ve got from the tropical depression Doksuri. Downtown center Sakon Nakhon was flooded again and in the south of Thailand Doksuri gave much more problems…

Saturday 16 September we met another Farang couple at the house of Supana & Jan. With the Dutchman Gerrie Agterhuis (from Koewacht in Zeeuws Vlaanderen), his Thai partner Kanok and two young friends of the family and of course Supana & Jan we went for lunch to a restaurant in Sawang Daen Din.

The rumor is now that our Lotus Supermarket is opening again, after the flooding of the end of July, somewhere around 20 October. With John Bridge I went 2 times to a new Tops Supermarket in Nong Han, about 45 km from our home. Together with Siripron we went to the smaller Lotus Supermarkets in Kham Ta Kla, Phang Khon, Nong Han and the Big C Supermarket at the east side of Udon Thani, about 80 km from our home.

The last days of September 4 people we “knew” died in and around our village. At first there was the mother of our neighbor (sick and old age), then family of our boss of village died (?), a 23 year old son of a school friend of Siripron died (leukemia) and a school friend of Benz died in Bangkok (heart attack – worked very hard, drinking too much energy drinks and coffee). From the moment people die the family sets-up a tent were family & friends can drink and eat. Most of the time for 2 or 3-days until the cremation, sometimes a little longer until they receive the bones from the ashes. Depending on our connection with the family we support them with some money and Siripron and/or Benz helps them with cooking for many people.

Other things that happened:
– Our monthly visit to Kham Ta Kla for bread, liver sausages and frikandellen.
– Chok Dee has sometimes again problems with his limping.
– For my 90-days report we had to go again to Sakon Nakhon because the Internet report for this didn’t worked good. We went also to the Big C Supermarket there.