Honda/Blessing, supermarket and more…

Because of the many repairs of the old Honda City we thought about buying a new car. During one of the repairs we talked to Khuchai, a lady boy, from the Sales department of Honda Sawang Daen Din. They did us a good offer for the old car, so we decided to buy a Honda Jazz. Warunee offered the same price for the City and for Honda this was no problem. On Saturday 5 August we picked-up the new Jazz, meanwhile the aircon of the City was repaired.

On Queen Sirikit her Birthday (Mother’s Day) Siripron got a shawl from Honda and we also received a Credit card of 4.000 THB (about EUR 100) for petrol (for us more than 2.000 km for free). As an extra we ordered a “shark fin” antenna and I put my old “NL sticker” on the back of the car.

For the City we still had to go to Honda Udon Thani for a better repair of the trunk but because the sun film on one of the windows of the new Jazz was not good we had to go with 2 cars. The City was driven by Benz with Siripron next to him and I of course drove the Jazz. The film was a short fix (a not working fix/a new film) but the trunk took almost the whole day. So with the Jazz we could go to “Central Plaza” Shopping mall, we bought a new bigger cage for Chok Dee and we went to the “Big C” supermarket.

On Sunday 13 August we went to a Temple nearby Charoen Sin for the Blessing of the new Jazz. Papa knows the important head Monk there and he blessed the car with flowers, white powder (dots on the steering column and the ceiling) and a string of rope around the steering column. The gifts for the Monk were candles and some money.

Our Lotus Supermarket is now closed for 2-3 months because of the flood’s at the end of July. We heard that the water was about 1,5 meter high in the store and products that were standing 2 meters high also fall down. We are now going to smaller stores in Sawang Daen Din and sometimes we go to bigger stores in other cities.

Other things that happened:
– In Augustus I gave weekly Dutch lessons to Near, a Thai boy. He learns the words and I only help him with speaking Dutch (English is our shared language). He is now going to study in The Netherlands.
– On Mother’s Day we brought some flowers to the grave of Mamma of Siripron.
– Mudmai, one of the twin of Warunee, had again a bacteria in her blood so she had to stay a few days in the Hospital of Sawang Daen Din.
– Our monthly visit to Kham Ta Kla for bread and liver sausages.
– Chok Dee got pills for his limping, again an injection and a pill against tics.