Neighbors, Lotus Lake and more…

For the house/garden we only replace some flowers for new ones. Siripron also replanted some flowers in other pots and put them in front of the house. Two of our three mango trees have now flowers and mango’s, we think it will be the yellow kind (not green).

Last year our neighbors on the other side of the street change some wood for conwood on the second floor because the wood was eaten by animals. This year they decided to get away of the second floor because the wood of the roof was in a bad condition. But checking the support of the new roof they noticed more problems, so they decided to build a new home (only one floor). This month the old house was demolished, they prepared the ground for the new house.

Valentine’s Day is also the date that Mama Siripron died, now 10 years ago, so we went with flowers to her “grave”. After cremation the bones are “buried” in a stone “grave” on the grounds of the Temple of Ban Pho Chai.

On a Saturday morning Siripron and I went to see the lotus flowers on a lake (talay buadaeng) about 75 km from our home (1 hour+ drive). We hired a big boat for 500 THB (EUR 12,90) because the small boats had a waiting time of 1 hour. Our photos will give an idea of our trip.

Jan & Supana came back from their trip to Belgium and they brought for us some Dutch gifts/treats with (AH garlic butter, chocolate, gekookte worst and ontbijtkoek).

We bought for our car a camera that automatic records what happens in front of the car. This was already longer on our list but we had to find a good quality and we think we found that. We bought a camera because this can show what happened in case of an accident and that some Thai people (cars and motorbikes) don’t follow the rules (wrong side of the road, suddenly turn back, and more…).

For the first time I transferred my monthly money with TransferWise instead of transferring from my ING Bank to my Thailand KTB Bank. On TransferWise I got a middle rate (not the buy Thai Baht rate) and the transferring costs are real low (in my case about EUR 10,–).

Other things that happened:
– For Papa we bought some simple glasses with discount for the people of our Amphur.
– Our Honda Jazz had to go for his half year service, the costs (+washing) 2.000 THB.
– We went again to Kham Ta Kla for bread and sausages.
– With Benz we went to Udon Thani to buy a “New” iPhone 5s (Benz paid himself).
– John Bridge and I went to Bandung for our visit to Pin’s Restaurant.
– For my Birthday we went to the restaurant of “my old resort”.