House, Visa, Eye’e, Chok Dee and more…

For the house the pipes of the water pump, down to the water level, were leaking and the pump worked every minute to keep the pressure up. Arun, the middle brother of Siripron, bought some new pipes and replaced the leaking pipes (2 pipes around 16 meter long). In our garden we put some extra roses, two plants with Thai berries and some other plants. At the end of December we bought two electric fireplaces that also blow warm air but we only use them when it is really cold.

For my Marriage Visa extension of 1 year we had to prepare many papers. On Thursday December 15 we went first to my bank for the proof of money and after that we drove to Immigration in Sakon Nakhon. Now I have got a temp extension until January 18 2017.
After Immigration we went to Sakon Nakhon Hospital to see Eye’e Kapolo. We already heard that she made progress and I was pleasantly surprised what she could do. December 20, Eye’e came home !!! And yes, she lay in a hospital bed because her left side (arm, leg) is paralyzed but there is still progress.

December 17 Chok Dee arrived, we picked him up at the house of Supana & Jan because they got their dog Trippel too. We are very happy with Chok Dee and he is beautiful male bangkaew dog. From that moment on I feel more like a babysitter because for now we do not leave him alone in the garden. On Sunday 25 (Xmas) we went with Supana & Jan to a vet and Chok Dee got his second injection. After that Chok Dee played with Trippel (one week older) and Duvel (one year older).

For our “Farang” bread and sausages we went again to the German butcher in Kham Ta Kla. With Supana & Jan we went to the shop owner Rudi to give advice to another “Farang” (Toni). For John Bridge we ask somebody to help him with his broken airco and John & Tony (John’s son) visit us again on a Sunday afternoon.

On December 31 we went to Udon Thani to buy the fireplaces and some presents for Siripron and me. In the evening there was karaoke at the house Wannapa and Wutti.

Other things that happened:
– December 1 Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn became the 10th King of Thailand.
– On the Android box I have installed an App for watching Dutch TV, for now the use of this App is free (I could see f.i. “Expeditie Robbinson”). Because it are recordings I have to wait until the program is finished, so I see it the next day.
– December 5, was the birthday Khai Muk and of the former King of Thailand. I was also Papa day.
– Thomas, the husband of Warunee, arrived from Sweden and they went on a short trip to Hua Hin. Thomas is here for Xmas and New Year, he will leave at January 8.
– My weight is 95 kg and my blood pressure was 122/65 thanks to the pills.
– We made on the Internet a photo wedding book for Suripron & Both but…