House, Both, Chok Dee and more…

For the house our architect/supervisor builder at last repaired the tap of the sink in the second bathroom. Two weeks later he also came with some people to repair the leaking gutter too and fixed a roof ceiling panel. In our garden we planted again some bushes and flowers and Siripron was making boxes of stones around some plants.

At the end of December it was clear that Both was not happy anymore and at the beginning of January Both decided not to go back to live with Suripron anymore. I have helped him with his new Facebook account and I deleted his old profile because of a possible hijack. What I now see is that Both is happy, thankful and he is helping Siripron with many things. Both has now a lady friend to whom he can talk… At Monday 30 January Both started his three months of training for being a hairdresser for men.

I am still “baby sitting” Chok Dee because we wouldn’t leave his alone. He already destroyed some flowers, plants and a few slippers. We gave him a few things that he can bite on an old bike tire, some empty small bottles and we bought his a dog rope. Chok Dee walked in January one time with the dogs of Supana & Jan – Trippel (one week older) and Duvel (one year older). He also got his third injection at the vet in Sawang Daen Din. Supana & Jan had given him an almost clean jaw bone of an ox. Almost everybody is saying that Chok Dee is a handsome male Thai Bangkaew.

Siripron got her New Year present, we changed her bracelet from a 1 Baht version to a 2 Bath version and she also changed her ring to a little bit stronger one. Other family things, besides Both, were that Thomas, the husband of Warunee, went back to Sweden after his visit. Madmie & Madmai, the twin of Warunee, were 3 days in the hospital because they had a heavy virus infection. Almost at the end of the month Benz went to emergency and the next day he had to come back to the hospital because he had fluid on a place between his legs, because it was an infection they drained it and he got some medicine.

Other things that happened:
– A Dutch friend of Supana & Jan brought 2 packs of stroopwafels for us.
– Our monthly visit to Kham Ta Kla for bread, sausages and frikandellen.
– We bought 2 garden chairs, so we can sit/lay when we keep an eye on Choke Dee.
– On the Android box I can now watch the Dutch program “Wie is de Mol” and Planet Earth 2. Because they are recordings I see them the next day or later.
– I helped Jan with a European payment because Jan doesn’t have a European bank account anymore.
– We went to Sakon Nakhon Immigration to get my official Marriage Visa.
– John Bridge & Tony (John’s son) visit us again on a Sunday afternoon.
– My weight is around 95 kg, my blood pressure was 104/56 thanks to the pills.