Eye’e, Farangs, Chok Dee and more…

Begin November we’ve got a message that Eye’e Kapolo (a nice of Siripron) was in the hospital of Sakon Nakhon. We heard that her lady-boyfriend Noon’n Kapolo (they are married for the family) saved her life to bring her fast to the hospital. We now know that she had blood in her brains and that the doctors opened-up her skull to examine it. The operation went good but the week after that she got an infection and had to go back to the ICU-unit. We visited her there on 6 November. For now almost 4 weeks we “pray” for Eye’e and sometimes get more hope because somebody sees an extra life sign.

Siripron and I went again to the German restaurant/butcher (Georg) in Kham Ta Kla for bread and sausages. With John Bridge (Australian) I went again to Pin’s restaurant in Bandung for a toasted and tea. John & his boy Tony visited us again on a Sunday afternoon. With the “Farang group” we went for lunch to a French restaurant in Bandung and most of the Farangs (also me) had there a really good steak. After the lunch we went to the house of Supana & Jan for drinks and snacks. During our visits to Sakon Nakhon (hospital) and Udon Thani (iPhone) we bought also some “Farang food” like dried dates, Old Amsterdam cheese, jelly beans, garlic butter and more.

For our Bangkaew dog, who will come on 17 December, we received the ordered iron cage and together with Supana & Jan we bought some dog stuff. On 29 November we visited the dogs with our Belgium friends because we had to pick one. Because there were 2 nests of dogs the owner showed us the male dogs in groups. And it was for Siripron and me clear that Chok Dee was a pup from the second group because we had really a connection with him. The funniest thing was that Chok Dee (Lucky in English) has an uncle called Nam Dee (Luck bringer in English).

On Sunday 20 November we hired people, family and more, to cut the rice on the fields of Siripron. Because there was more to cut some people also had to work on Monday too. The next weekend Siripron, Benz and many other people did the rice of total 3 rice fields in bundles and late Sunday afternoon the machine came to get the rice from the bundles. And the end we had 37 bags of rice, what was more as expected.

This year we did “Loy Krathong” with Supana & Jan. Because the dead of King Bhumibol there was no carnival but it was still busy and there were not enough candles and flowers sellers. We had to wait a while when ours were made by old neighbors.

Other things that happened (but not the standard things):
– Two visits to Udon Thani for the repair of the old iPhone 5s, at the first visit I bought a new iPhone 7 (normal size).
– I fell down with my bike because I had to avoid a lady on a motorbike (my fault). After that I only biked one time because the next time that I wanted to bike there was (and is) a flat back tire.
– For my health the kilos are a little more up and my blood pressure was 122/64 – thanks to the pills…