Bhumibol, Gate, Peter and more…

October 13 2016 the beloved King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej died. It is a big lost for all Thai people and of course also for my Thai family. There will be a morning period of 1 year and all Government employees have to wear black or white cloths with a black ribbon. All Government buildings have now black & white ribbons on their fences & gates and the portraits of Bhumibol had to change to a memorial monument.

For the house/the land we get our gate and “iron” for the walls. Maybe the front is a little too much but we did not want steel there and now it matches with the terrace. Too finish off the gate we let them make a plate with our house number on it. At the end October the gate was adjusted so that Chok Dee can’t escape. And of course we are, and will be, always busy with the garden.

Siripron and I went again to the German restaurant/butcher (Georg) in Kham Ta Kla to pick-up our new order of bread and sausages. Paul (Australian), the husband of Tip, visited me for the second time and we talked about the floor plan for their new home. With John Bridge (Australian) I went to Pin’s restaurant in Bandung for a toasted and tea. John & his boy Tony visited us again on a Sunday afternoon.
But the most important “farang” visit was that of my oldest brother Peter! He arrived October 24 at Udon Thani Airport and we brought him 2 days later to the Thai-Lao-Friendship Bridge over the Mekong River in Nong Khai. We talked a lot about Peter his work and our life in Thailand. Peter and I biked on Tuesday and on Wednesday he biked a little faster with Benz. We all enjoyed the visit of Peter and we hope that this is not the last family visit!

The story of my iPhone will be continued because my old iPhone 5s could not be repaired, so I bought a new iPhone 5s on the Internet. But that iPhone had to be updated to iOS 10 and after that the battery became too hot. The result was that the internal GSM antenna failed to work and I had to send the phone back (I will get a refund). So I am back at the temp phone and we have to go to Udon Thani to buy a new iPhone at the Apple store. But for now I do not know which one… SE or 6 or…

Other things that happened (but not the standard things):
– Celebration of birthday of the monk who founded the Ban Thon Temple. Everybody, who can do, gave food or drinks or cookies or candy to the other people (we gave them several kinds of cookies).
– The birth of Bena, daughter of Araya & Thanakritt and granddaughter of Arun!
– On October 22 nine Bangkaew dogs were born, maybe one of them is Chok Dee!