Gate, friends, car and more…

For the house/the land we have now ordered the gate and the “iron” for the walls. The front will have the same kind of metal as we already have around our terrace (silver coated) and the side walls will get a combination of iron and conwood (fake wood). And of course we are, and will be, always busy with the garden.

Friday 9 September I did my 90-days report by Internet and after the weekend came the approval from Immigration. So much better than driving to Sakon Nakhon!

Siripron and I went again to the German restaurant/butcher (Georg) in Kham Ta Kla. For lunch we first visited the school friend of Siripron in Charoen Sin and after that we pick-up our new order of bread, frikandel and sausages. On 17th September we went with Jan & Supana to a French restaurant in Bandung (about 40 km North West of our home) and had a great lunch with for me a real steak and some cheese as dessert. After the lunch we went to our home and had a long and pleasant talk with our Belgium friends. Paul (Australian), the husband of Tip – we helped them preparing their marriage Visa, visited me and we talked mainly about house building and house improvements. John Bridge (Australian) and his little boy (Tony) visited us again on some Sunday afternoons.

We brought our car, a Honda City, to the Honda dealer in Sawang Daen Din for a check-up and if necessary a repair plan. And… of course we’ve got a list of parts that needed to be repaired or replaced. We brought the car almost a week later again to Honda for the repairs and of course they found more problems. More than one week later, because they had to order some extra parts, we went to Honda get our car back. We now hope to drive this car for 2 of 3 years without any major repairs. The only thing I will say about the bill is that these repairs would be so much more expensive in Holland (Europe)!!!

Other things that happened:
– Of course the visits from and to Kim, the baby of Kukkik and her husband.
– Like normal, we went sometime to Nana’s Coffee Shop for dinner.
– On my Android TV box I have watched again some great movies and series.
– On my e-reader I am still reading books by David Baldacci.
– I have ordered/received again a T-shirt from America, now no Thai import taxes.
– The rice fields of Siripron are looking really good but we need some more rain.
– Overtime at the hospital from 21 until 30 September.
– And on 28 September my iPhon 5s took a dive in our washing machine… (to be continued because the phone is now at a shop to see if it can be repaired…).