Garden again, Farangs and more…

For the house/the land, we are still busy with the garden. We decided that a part of the garden is our rose garden. So we bought several colors of roses but also some new plants with flowers. At the back of the garden we planted some plants that Siripron use in Thai dishes. The unwanted grass keeps mainly Siripron busy and I tried to fix the wooden doors because they expand in this season. Two of our toilet waste tanks have now a pipe for vent (ontluchting) and we done energy saving (grounding and more) on the air conditioning in our bedroom.

Because I sometimes read articles on a Dutch blog site ( we now have contact with a man from Belgium and his Thai wife (Jan & Supana). On my first visit I have helped Jan with his 90-days report for his Thai Visa. The second time I visit them with Siripron for getting acquainted. On Saturday August 27 we visited with a group (9 people BE & NL) a German restaurant/butcher for a lunch. We bought there meat (frikandel balls), bread and sausages. After this visit we went to the shop of Rudi a Belgium shop owner (and one of the blog writers), there was also the Thai wife of Rudi. It was a great day and it was nice to talk Dutch again, the ladies talked Thai… (however Supana can speak Flemish/Dutch).

We helped a Thai lady (Tip) and her Australian husband to get their Marriage Visa, we advised them witch papers to bring. With John Bridge (another Australian man) I went again to “Pin’s café” in Bandung and I have helped him with some computer problems. John and his little boy (Tony) also visited us 2 times on a Sunday afternoon.

For my health everything is OK! We didn’t go at the end of last month to the hospital in Udon Thani but Siripron checked my blood pressure (113/61) and my blood sugar (it’s ok but I have to control my sugar intake). I try to bike 3 times every week (3 x 10 km) and my weight looks stable at 92 kg.

Other things that happened:
– Of course the visits from and to Kim, the baby of Kukkik and her husband.
– We have a new router from our Internet supplier because the Wi-Fi signal was bad.
– Queens birthday and Thai Mother’s day (not special happened).
– Like normal, we went a view times to Nana’s Coffee Shop for dinner, we do that when Siripron had a busy day or sometimes when she has overtime at the hospital.
– On my Android TV box I have watched again some great (old) movies and series.
– On my e-reader I am still reading books by David Baldacci.
– I have ordered and received some personalized T-shirts from America but on one bigger shipment I had to pay extra for Thai import taxes  🙁 .
– Overtime at the hospital from 22 until 31 August (some days not).