Garden, Buddha days, Family and more…

For the house/the land, we are busy with the garden. We have planted now about 16 small fruit trees (Lychee, Durian, Mango, sour cherries and several Thai fruits). On the neighbor side we have 17 small Papaya trees (the smaller kind) and we also planted some trees/bushes/flowers (like Jasmin, Bougainville and more). We are now busy with the removal of grass and weeds, but my garden work is limited to the early morning and afternoon because of the warm climate. For inside the house we bought some fake flowers because normal flowers will not last long… We changed our electricity box because of an upgrade from 5 to 15 Ampere and our main power cable also had to change from blue to a ticker black cable.

At the start of the 3 months with Buddha days we had 2 special Buddha days, 19 July “Asahna Bucha Day” and 20 July “Buddhist Lent”. Before the weekend there were the parades, on the photo of the parade is Khai Mook, the second daughter of brother Den. On “Asahna Bucha Day” we went in the morning to “our” Temple with a big part of the family. After the Temple visit we made a family photo before the new Temple.

Around these first Buddha days we did some Temple visits. The first one we did after buying the fake flowers to a new Temple nearby our home. On Sunday 17 July we drove to Sakhon Nakhon to visits some Temples but we only did one because our planned road went to a waterfall… But one hour later we arrived at the beautiful Temple. For the older part of that Temple we had to climb up the hill on a jungle/rock path. On Wednesday we went to 2 Temples, one south of our home, a Monk Temple nearby Song Dao. The second one was north of our home, a Temple with the long snake bridge.

Both & Suripron went to Bangkok for work but returned 1,5 week later because of bad housing conditions and more not good things… Thomas, the Swedish friend of Warunee came over for a short holiday and he is now the husband of Warunee. They got married in Bangkok with the help of the same agent who helped Siripron and me.

Other things that happened:
– Of course the visits from and to Kim, the baby of Kukkik and her husband.
– We hope that the house builders now fixed the leaking of the roof.
– I have seen some European Cup soccer games on Thai TV.
– On my Android TV box I have watched some great (old) movies and series.
– I’ve found again a Thai geocache.
– Again we had some problems with the battery of our car, but we can avoid that now.
– On my e-reader I am still reading books by David Baldacci.
– I have made Geocaching pages on (Statistics and Souvenirs).
– Overtime at the hospital from 22 until 31 July.