House, NL taxes, 1 year and more…

For the house/the land, the local builders finished the “carport”-building behind. We park the car and Benz motorbike already there but we have to find a good solution for the save keeping of our bikes. Tiang (one of the local builders) made a light in the building. The “house builders” tried to solve the problems of the leaking roof and the leaking rain pipes but they are not finished. Tiang, an uncle and Benz protected the front wall with varnish. For the garden we bought some small, small trees on the monthly big market in Sawang Daen Din.

This month I received 2 letters (for every pension one) from NL taxes that starting May 2016 I don’t have to pay NL taxes anymore because I paid Thai taxes. I had to send a copy of these letters to my 2 pensions. The first 4 months of the 2016 NL taxes I will get back somewhere in 2017. My NL taxes for 2015 are already settled by filling-in an M-form from the Dutch “Belastingdienst”.

On 23 June I tried again my 90 days report for my Visa by the Internet and again it was successful. So we didn’t have to go to Immigration at Sakon Nakhon.

Our 1 year marriage anniversary was on 24 June and 30 June Siripron had here Birthday. That’s why we went to Udon Thani and bought Siripron a necklace with the weight of 1 Baht (that is about 15 grams of 24 karat gold). We also went with a big part of the family to an “all-you-can-eat” BBQ restaurant in Sawang Daen Din.
Wednesday 29 June we were again at that BBQ restaurant because it was an early goodbye dinner to Both & Suripron. They are going to Bangkok to work there!

Other things that happened:
– Of course  the visits to Kim, the baby of Kukkik and her husband.
– The local builders fixed a problem with the down pipe of our water pump.
– Some smaller “house problems” were again fixed by Tiang (a local builder).
– I didn’t mentioned this before but I sometimes eat some insects… The fried cricket, which we buy at the local market, is the only insect that I tried and like. I didn’t tried other bugs/insects that the Thai eat because…
– I’ve found my first Thai geocache but I found out that this is more difficult than in Europe. Most caches are hidden by foreigners and the maintenance is big question…
– I have seen some great movies and some old episodes of the Big Bang Theory.
– On my e-reader I am still reading books by David Baldacci.
– I went with John Bride (Australian) to a nearby city for tea and a toasted (“tosti’).
– Overtime at the hospital from 21 until 30 June (some days not).
– 30 June was a strange day, Siripron her Birthday but something private happened…