House, Benz, celebration and more

For the house/the land, after the front wall was finished, our main work was moving the red sand. So we worked hard and Benz & Both tried to help us when they could. On 16 May a small tractor came to do the rest of the red sand (we did the spots where he could not come). We ordered a concrete power column to replace the temp small steel one and local builder assistant Tiang (with help) installed the power cables on this new column. We ask the local builders also to build a kind of “carport”-building behind our house (size 6 x 7 m). For this we had to order 3 meter high columns and the builders had to wait for almost 1 week but now the building of the “carport” goes fast.

And then on 2 April Benz was home… For more than one reason it did not go good in Bangkok, important is that it had nothing to do with his work! Benz found, thanks to his teacher, a job close to home for his trainee-ship. Benz works together with one of his friends and Benz is very happy because he is “home”.

On Thursday 13 May was in the morning the celebration of the new house on the “Sugar cane field” of Wannapa & Wutti. We were too late for the 3 rounds around the house but we saw the ceremony with the binding of the strings around the wrists and we had our breakfast there.

For my health we went again to the Bangkok Hospital in Udon Thani. At the first measurement my blood pressure was 159/88 and that was ok for the doctor. So I did not have to do a second measurement, but the doctor want for the next time, 31 July, a special check-up to see if I have side-effects. My Facebook/Strava friends see that I seldom bike but that’s because of my morning work with the red sand and more.

Other things that happened:
– Many times visit Kim, the baby of Kukkik and her husband.
– I tried to do a 90-days report for a friend but it failed because his visa was overdue.
– Because the rainy season started now we had some problems with the roof leaking but our “supervisor of build” send builders to fix it. We still have some leaking but that they will fix too.
– Some smaller “house problems” were fixed by Tiang (a local builder assistant).
– On my e-reader I am still reading books by David Baldacci (yes, I like his style).
– Overtime at the hospital from 22 until 31 April.