Android TV box and Kodi

This is an extra blog, but only for the people who are interested of course!!!

Because the restrictions on the Apple TV box (version 3) I ordered an Android TV box but some of my desired Apps didn’t worked on it… And then I discovered “Kodi”… “Kodi” formerly known as “XBMC” is fantastic!!! I use it now for looking back on Dutch TV programs “Uitzending gemist”, Live TV and I can use it for (old) movies and (old) TV Shows. I also had one free month “Netflix” but who needs “Netflix” when you have “Kodi”.

The Android TV box that I bought (MXQ-Android Smart TV Box, Android 4.4 KitKat) was less than 45 EUR with a HDMI-cable. Of course the box needed a connection to the Internet and I use a network cable to my nearby Wi-Fi router. My Wi-Fi itself is too slow for a good connection.

Interested people I advise to look on the Internet for “the best Add-ons on Kodi”!!! For more info on how I use it you can send me an e-mail.