Bring Benz, Visa, Songkran and more…

This is the second blog of April…

On 6/7 April we did a small roundtrip to Bangkok to bring Benz for his introduction of his trainee-ship. It was for Benz the first time in an airplane so we had to go with him. In Bangkok we had a great dinner with Tanakrit and Araya Tummarak and we stayed with them for one night.
I also tried to do my Visa 90-days report by Internet. Many people tried this but almost every one say it didn’t work. But for me it worked because within 24 hours I got the approval and I only had to print a paper that I had to put in my passport. I was really happy that it worked for me well and we didn’t had to go to Immigration Sakon Nakhon after we came back from Bangkok!

Songkran, the 3 days of the Thai/Buddhism New Year (and the Water festival), was again special this year. Benz and other people came home to celebrate Songkran and on 13 April, we had a local festival with music. The second day we had a family water blessing and we visited some school friends of Siripron. 15 April we had many things to do for the house and Benz had to pack again for his 4 months of trainee-ship. The next day Benz went with Tanakrit by car to Bangkok again.

On 22 April we went for the second time to Government of Taxes. The first time we asked for a Thai Tax number because I want to pay Thai Taxes – yes, I really want that! This time we had to wait a little while and yes, I got my Thai Tax number and I had to pay my taxes for the year 2015. Why am I so happy about this? Because I could fill-in a Dutch tax paper with the remark that I pay Thai taxes and do not want to pay NL taxes anymore!

Other things that happened:
– Many times visit Kim, the baby of Kukkik and her husband.
– Again many times we cleaned-up the building site (paper, cartons, and plastics).
– Two times the pipe from the water pump to our house was broken, so the pump was working constantly for a few hours…
– Installed my “Apple-TV” box and explained it to Benz.
– The birthdays of Suripron (wife of Both) and the twin Makmie/Makmai.
– On my e-reader I now started the 3th book by David Baldacci.
– Overtime at the hospital from 23 until 1 May (but some days not).
– Bought a new battery for the car and changed it myself!
– Health: my blood pressure was on April 30, measured by Siripron, 115/69…