Celebrate new house, move and window frame

Because the blog of April became too big here only a “house” update.

On Saturday 2 April in the morning we celebrated our new home, this celebration is done according the Isan culture. We started with 3 rounds around the house, where Siripron was carrying 2 baskets on a long stick with food. In the house was a stone basket with water and a bag with some things in it. After the rounds there was a kind of “play” with me getting the house from “the former owners” and we ended with a Thai breakfast (I have only photos of this breakfast). Our thanks goes out to the people who helped us to prepare this day and to all our visitors!

At the celebration the house was empty and not yet finished. We still had people for painting, for windows and our builders. But on 4 April our furniture came and we didn’t unpack our sofa’s because of the painting and the dust… The work on the house went on until Sunday 10 April. Because the builders where still there we had to postpone our move to the new home until 12… no 11 April, because then we moved our bed. But only Siripron and I moved… because, Benz was in Bangkok, Both & Suripron were still with the family of Suripron and Warunee ask Papa to stay with her and the twin as the only men in the house. That is why we now only sleep and have breakfast in our new house and we still having lunch and dinner in the house of Warunee. The photos are of the finished house.

Finished house… there was still the empty window frame on the left side of the house… On 21 April in the afternoon 11 elephants came from Udon Thani in a pick-up car. The 2 separate ones where placed on both sides of the front stairs (they have to stand a little higher but that will come later). And the other 9 elephants are in an mosaic (20 stone tiles together as one picture) and they were placed in the empty window frame.
In the meantime the locale builders started building the wall in front.

At the end of this month I will try to do another blog about the other things that happened in April.