Finished in time or not and more

In the beginning of March we had to decide on which date the “Celebration of New House” will be. This is depending on the good days for Isan culture and of course “when the building of the house is (almost) finished. Also important was that it had to be before 6 April, because that is the week before Songkran, the Buddha New Year. One of the good days was 2 April and according our engineer/building supervisor Noy they could finished in time for that date…

For building the house in March we had many different people, “our” builders (kitchen, bathrooms, stones for terrace columns, doors and ground rain pipes), people for electric, for the ceilings, for the windows (and sliding doors), for the rain pipes, for the safety rail on the terrace and painters. The photos show only the work on the outside of the house but the main work was on the inside.

For the building of a new wall around the “extra” land we bought, we hired our local builders. They are building the wall and make the wall behind the house a little higher. We were in March again busy with ordering and buying things for our new house – beds for Papa and the boys, wood furniture for the terrace and the kitchen, we ordered curtains, had an air conditioner installed in our bedroom and many more. We also have now a working Internet connection with Wi-Fi in the new house and we ordered a few stone things. But about those stone things I will tell later more…  😉

For my high blood pressure I did a second visit at the Bangkok Hospital in Udon Thani. The pressure was still a little high but the pills helped and I have to take them at least 2 more months. – How high it was? At the end of February the pressure was around 200/100… now it was (at the 2nd measurement) 144/90…

Other things that happened:
– Many times visit Kim, the baby of Kukkik and her husband.
– Many times we had to cleaned-up the building site (paper, cartons and plastics) and put them on fire at the remains of an old mango tree.
– On my e-reader I now started another book by David Baldacci.
– The Birthdays of Benz (18) and Both (16).
– The visit of a Swedish “farang”, Thomas, to Warunee (my sister in law). We had a small dinner with him at the Chinese fondue restaurant and another day a bigger family dinner at the house (garden) of Warunee.
– An Internet connection (with) Wi-Fi) at the house of Warunee.
– Benz succeeded for his Driving License (almost 2 days of info and testing).
– Overtime at the hospital from 21 until 31 March (but many days not).