The collumns, Loy Krathong and more

In the beginning of November the building of the new house did not go fast. Because the builders had to wait with the first column until 13 November. That was a good date for the celebration of “Blessing the Building of the house”. At 13 November in the morning two steel columns were blessed and raised by us, our family and friends (see photos). On the two columns were flowers and a fish basket with money in it. After that we had a breakfast and drinks at the house of aunt on the other side of the street. The builders also got breakfast and we gave them “power drinks”. This “Blessing” is a Thai tradition and we tried to do this according to the Isaan tradition.

The rest of November the building of the house went faster because the rest of the 27 steel columns were raised and put in their concrete setting. The base of the house was built with concrete blocks and some bricks. And the builders are now busy with the concrete beams. There will be a concrete beam under every wall of the house and extra beams in some of the bigger rooms, like the living room and the kitchen. Photos of every “big” step of building the house will be placed by me under the new menu of this website called “House”.

“Loy Krathong Day” is held on the first full moon after the full moon of the last “Buddha day”. Because “Buddha day” was on 27 October this year “Loy Krathong Day” was on 25 November. On this day, in the evening, people in Thailand bring flowers and candles to the water (river or pond) to wish for good health of family and friends. We did this in Sawang Daen Din where there was also a carnival (see photos).

Other things that happened:
– Celebration of this part (Moo.9) of the village…
– A view days no Internet at the hospital…
– The birth of the second son, named Kim, of Kukkik and her husband. Kukkik is the nickname of the daughter of Arun (Arun a brother of Siripron).
– Get new brakes on the car becuse the old ones made some noise.
– Overtime at the hospital from 11 until 20 November.
– On 16 November people could try to get the money from the fish basket…
– Siripron had her check-up at the hospital of Sawang Daen Din.
– A view celebrations of the harvest of the rice (aunt, Wannapa, Den & Arun).