Visa, concrete, bike and more

On 8 December we visit Immigration at Sakhon Nakhon for getting my “Marriage Visa”. We had to bring many papers and I had to prove that I had the last 3 months more than 400.000 Baht (about EUR 10.000,–) on my account. With 2 visits to a KTB bank (one in Sawang Daen Din and one in Sakhon Nakhon) and a lunch at the shopping mall “Robbinsons” it took us (and the wife of Den) the whole day. Two days later 3 men of the Immigration Police visited us at the house of Warunee for proof that we really live there. I hope to get my “Marriage Visa” in January and for now I have a temporary permit – see photos).

The building of our new house seems to go fast now. After the beams (see blog November) they did the concrete floor plates with extra concrete on top of them. Also the 27 columns get their concrete and because the steel of the roof was a little late (not in stock) they started with the brick laying. It is difficult to see on photos but the ceiling is gone be high, not 3 meter but 3.2 meter because I am a “tall farang” (a farang is a not colored foreigner).

Because Benz (the oldest son of Siripron) want to buy another second hand racing bike I agreed to buy his red mountain bike. Siripron uses now my old “black” mountain bike. So from 2 December all my “morning rides” are done on the “new” bike, I bike about 20% faster and I have reached a 30 minutes exercise with my 11+ km (see photos).

On 5 December is was King’s birthday so we went in the morning to the Temple. That day is also the Thai version of “Father’s day” and it was the birthday of Khai Mook (daughter of Den). We had a dinner with cake and Papa was also there so we showed our “respect” to him. Friday 11 December there was a big bike happening “Bike for DAD” at Sakhon Nakhon where Benz and Wutti (brother in law) biked and Tuy (a colleague of Siripron) biked on my red bike (next year I hope to be ready so I can do that). On the photo Benz, son of aunt (Arm) and Wutti.

Other things that happened:
– A short visit to John Bridge (Australia) at “his” table drinking beer – Howard (Sweden) and Gunther (Germany) where also there.
– The harvest of rice and sugarcane on many fields.
– Many times visit the baby of Kukkik and her husband.
– Get a check-up the car because the wheels did not line-up.
– Overtime at the hospital from 10 until 20 December.
– Updated my iPhone 5S and iPad 2 to iOS 9.2.
– The last days it is ”really cold” in the morning, about 13 degrees… People are wearing sweaters, long trousers, gloves and woolen hats   😉