Land, plans, bike and more

In October many things about the house happened. At first we bought the land of our neighbor on the left side of our land. The total land size is now about 1.000 m2 (see photo). Therefor the wall between the lands had to go away and a truck dived the sand between the 2 parts. With our architect/engineer we made the building plans final and on October 18 he gave us a brochure with the final drawings and building instructions (see photos). But we already agreed that he will also be our building contractor so we had to talk about the price (and the quality of building)…

On October 21 we had people for drilling for ground water (see photo) and we will use the electric water pump of the old house. One day later the building people were there and after we decided where the house should be, they prepared everything for the 27 columns that will support the house (see photos). The building people are busy with that until about November 13, because then we bless (for Buddha) the building of the house with the first concrete (steel enforced) column.

About my health: Again there was more than one week of no cycling and I had to go two times to hospital of Sawang Daen Din. The first time in the evening because I had blood in my urine and the second time for an X-ray. They found 3 small bladder stones on the photo! So I got some medicine against the pain and we decided first to try to get the stones away by drinking a herb drink (this drink make the stones smaller to get them out). If this doesn’t work I have to have a small operation. The 2 weeks of herb drink are finished now and we wait if I get pain again…

Other things that happened:
– I had to prove for my 2nd pension that I am alive (again my thanks go out to Wutti Srisukh the new boss of the Hospital in Ban Thon and the brother in law of Siripron).
– Clean-up (format) my X-Fi (MP3 player) because of many problems with it.
– Reinstalled my laptop by doing a Windows 8.1 clean-up and after that I had to reinstall all the other programs (not do a Windows 10 installation…).
– The battery of the car went dead because I was doing an update on my iPad apps with the motor off and the aircon on… Thanks to the cables of Amnuay (“husband” of Warunee) and the help of one of the building people in the village we could start the car again (I drove 20 km to charge the battery)!
– From October 22 overtime for Siripron and in the overtime I was also at the hospital for the fast Internet. Again the most of that time I spent on apps updates of iPhone 5S and iPad 2 and in the weekend the iOS 9.01 update.