Visa, bicycle, house and more

Before September 24th I had to do my Visa extension (every 90 days). Because the extension didn’t work on the Internet we went on Monday (September 21st) to the Office of Immigration at Sakon Nakhon (almost 90 km east of Sawang Daen Din) but… they could not do the extension there… We could only do a new Marriage Visa but we didn’t have all the good papers for doing this. We were happy that Tops market had cherries (and Jellybeans and a French loaf) so the drive to Sakon Nakhon was not a complete failure! In the afternoon we tried to get the missing papers but for one paper there was something wrong! So in the evening we decided to go the next day to Nong Khai (a 135 km drive from Sawang Daen Din) for the Laos Visa run again… This time I went alone to Laos for almost 2 hours (Siripron and Benz waited at the Visa Office in Nong Khai). Now I can stay in Thailand until December 20th.
The reason why this all happened is the lack of the good information by the Thai Government and the several different kind of Visa. Every kind of Visa have its own rules and options. I now have a “None Immigrant O Visa” with multiple entries, so Immigration say do the multiple entries! In the beginning of December we will try to do the new “Marriage Visa”.

The first weeks of September I didn’t use my bike. In the beginning it was the morning rains but the last 2 weeks it was sickness that stopped me. It begun with a kind of food poisoning and the flu, later I had fever and problems that looked like a “urinary infection”. First I get pills from Siripron (Ban Thon Hospital) and I drunk coconut milk from the tree of the “garden” of Den. But it was not going well and then we went to a clinic in Sawang Daen Din. Consult and 5 days pills (8 every day) for EUR 5.

Sunday, September 20, we talked for almost 5 hours to Noy (engineer and architect) about the definitive plans for the new house. Noy have to make the final drawings and I maybe we will receive them soon. At the end of the rainy season “we” will drill for a well, install a pump and a “small” water tank. After that we hope the building of the house can start mid-October. Below are my artist impressions of the plans.

Other things that happened:
– Because of some big rains again some sand erosion on the old land at the side of Wannapa. For now I stop to fix this every time because there must be a more permanent solution, like a drainage or so.
– I installed MS Office 2013 instead of 2007 on my laptop because the PDF facility.
– We went with Both to his old school because he want to go to school again and that is really a good thing for his future!!!
– I have received some of my orders by Internet (The 4 Ice Age DvD’s, 2 T-shirts and a new book for learning Thai).
– We received “Kruidnoten” a treat from Holland (by Ellen and Robert Hartman).
– From September 23 overtime for Siripron and in the overtime I was also at the hospital for the fast Internet. The most of that time I spent on the apps updates of iPhone 5S and iPad 2 and in the weekend the iOS 9.01 update.