The mango trees and more

On the old land we were not really finished because there were still 2 big trees and 2 tree trunks that had to go. The trees were both mango trees and we did not put them down before because we wanted to wait until the end of the mango season. But that season stopped a couple of weeks ago. The big mango tree on the left was my main concern because it was on the spot of the kitchen of the new house. The other tree and the tree trunks were only in the way for the driveway that gone be at the right side of the house. On Sunday September 6th “our 2 builders” came to get everything away but the chainsaw worked for only a few minutes… But after a while a 3rd man came with a spare chainsaw and that one worked fine. And the end of the day all the wood was in pieces and all the branches were put away. Now we only have to burn the lower parts of the 4 trunks with the roots (see the photos of that day below).

On September 2nd in the evening I received an email of my provider that they did a suspension of my 2 websites. The result of that was that I had to clean-up the complete website directory and I had to change 2 passwords. This action and a few times contact with took a big part of the next day and at the end I lost all of the content of the 2 websites…
For the “Thai website” I could rebuild them from my original notes but it took me almost 3 days. I am happy that I was well organized for the texts in MS Word and the photos in separate directories. Of course I have lost all the beautiful comments that some of you made in the past. For the “normal website” I did the same lay-out as the “Thai” website but I really have to think about that content, rebuild the old one or do something new!

Other things that happened:
– Some small sand erosion on the old land at the side of Wannapa.
– From August 22 overtime for Siripron and in the overtime I was also at the hospital for the fast Internet. The most of that time I spent of downloading some YouTube video’s (“Ice Age” Scrat & trailers, Dinosaurs, some music,…).
– The rain came back on August 26 so I had to bring some days Papa to the Temple over the small Temple bridge (see a photo of the Temple bridge in the menu “Scenery”). Papa goes every day around 06:45u. to the Temple and bring food for the monks. Most of the time Papa comes back after the praying and eating around 08:15u.
– On this website I have added a new menu called “Nature”.