Erosion 2 & Driving License

The second erosion on the old land was not as much as the first one. But my main concern was that the sand got is to the main sewer pipe at the side of the road (Temple road). This happened because there is a connection pipe in the corner of our land. So we let two of the local building people build a small manhole in the corner (see photo). Because we were also there the most of the day I’ve got a really good sunburn in my neck and my arms (see photo).

Because my International Driving License was expired I had to do something because the car was not insured when I was driving it. At first I tried to get a new International Driving License from NL but that became a email discussion with the Dutch Embassy and the Dutch company (ANWB) who provides those License. My second option was getting a 1 year Thai Driving License but that was also not easy to do… On the Internet I found what I had to do (go with a Thai person for the Thai forms, get good health statement from clinic/doctor, get 2 ID photo’s, get a paper from Immigration, show your International Driving License… or a proof of your real Dutch Driving License (from the RDW in NL), make copies of all your papers and do some tests, …).
Because of the Immigration papers we had to go to Sakon Nakhon (about 85 km east of Sawang Daen Din). All went fast and well at Immigration Office. At the Provincial Government of Land Transport Office we had to give our papers, wait 2 hours and then I could do the 4 tests (the colors of a traffic light, a reaction speed test, 3D vision test line up 2 pins in a box + naming the right colors on the right and left side of your face). Then I had to wait for my digital photo and after that I got my “2 years” Thai Driving License (see photo)!!! …so before Augustus 21 2017 I have to do this again for my 5 years License…

We now have a kind of break in the rainy season. For more than 2 weeks there is much sun and again high temperatures, almost like summer (only a “little” rain on two days in the evening). Today’s (Augustus 24) temperature is 33°C (feels like 38°C) and in the night it is 24°C. Of course, if this will go on for more days/weeks, it is not good for the rice fields.

Other things that happened:
– The visit of the boss of massage in Sawang Daen Din and her friends (a late marriage visit).
– Benz bought a mountain bike (we lent him the biggest part of the money).
– Try to bike a little more…
– Queens birthday (Bike for Mon) also the Thai version of “Mother’s day”.
– Dinner at Arun because of the visit of Tannakrit from Bangkok.
– I visited a view times John Bridge a view times because of his birthday and info about a Thai Driving License. John is an Australian man who lives a few years in Thailand.
– Check-up of the car and pay for car tax (we have to do that every year).