Too dry and too wet

At the end of June and the first half of July we had no big rains and the people were already talking about that the government had to help the Isaan because of the coming failure of the rice season. And then at the second half of July the raining season really started with too many rain. Everybody have now the same problem because there is too much water on the rice fields (see the photos). On the fields of people how planted the little rice plants, the plants are dying because they are under water. On the fields of people (like us) who planted rice seeds, the seeds cannot grow or go away with the water. So we do not expect a good harvest this year.

Special at the end of June was of course the Birthday of Siripron (June 30). This we celebrated with a family BBQ in the evening, with cake and as a extra duck from a steam pottery. My presents for Siripron we already bought in the gold shop at Udon Thani and of course she got some red roses.

Also special were the Buddha days at the end of July, with a parade of school kids in Sawang Daen Din the day before. Because of the overtime of Siripron we were only July 30 at the Temple. So we went early with our presents for the Temple and the monks. The ceremony started with praying, then the gift of food to the monks (too much), praying again, then the gift of presents for the Temple, praying with a water ceremony and at last Thai breakfast for anyone who wanted.

Other things that happened in July:
– I bought a Android phone because the iPhone 4S went to Benz (the oldest son of Siripron).
– We got some new home designs but we still have to talk to the architect.
– The mountain bike had a problem so we went to the shop for repairs.
– I had to inform the pensions because of the marriage to Siripron.
– I started reading books on my E-reader (finished now “Inferno” and 3 x “50 tinten”).
– We bought a printer/scanner because of the many papers we had/have to send.
– We got the insurance of the car. But I still have to get a Thai drivers license and the email contact with the ANWB (in Holland) and the Dutch Embassy (in Bangkok) gave me the impression that I was the first Dutch man who wanted an International Driving License from Holland… 🙁
– The erosion of the old land started now on another place but we cannot do something about it because of the many rains.
– I now got some really good iPad/iPhone apps for learning Thai and I also try to learn Thai writing but learning Thai stays difficult !!!
– At July 29 we had a cremation of a “uncle” of Siripron. I did “uncle” because it was not really close family but the overall contact was close.