Bangkok, Laos and more

The last month we had to prepare many documents because… So there were a few visits to the Government in Sawang Daen Din, I had to get some papers from The Netherlands and we made a few copies of everything. On the Internet we found an agent in Bangkok (“Knight Consultant Worldwide”) and from beginning on we had a good contact with a lady called Tik. So we flew on Sunday April 21st to Bangkok and checked-in our beautiful “Grande Dynasty Hotel” nearby the Dutch Embassy and “Knight”. The next day we went to “Knight” and we went with Tik to the Embassy. Of course we had to wait almost 2 hours, but all the documents were OK. On Tuesday “Knight” had to do translations and more, so we had “a day off”. We went by taxi and a private boat on the river that took us to “Wat Arun” (The Temple of Dawn), “Wat Pho” (reclining Buddha) and the “Grand Palace” complex (see a photo below). On Wednesday June 24th we went with Tik (+ an assistant from “Knight”) to The Government at The Bangrak District and after about 2 hours waiting we were married (see photo)!!!

The same day we went to Immigration in Bangkok but we had to do the stamp in Sakhon Nakhon or go to another country and come back to Thailand… After a visit, a dinner at a restaurant and a night in the house of Araya and Tanakrit (also in Bangkok) we flew back and went home. On Friday Siripron changed her name and surprised me with “Siripron Kerssens” because she said that it would be Siripron Tummarak Kerssens (her name on the ID is Siriporn but pron and porn means the same in Thai).

Laos… why less than 1 hour Laos ??? That was my idea because when we should go to Sakhon Nakhon I needed to bring all my papers for the Visa again. The border with Laos at Nong Khai is only 130 km from our home and the family of Warunee + Khai Muk (daughter of my brother in law Den) wanted to go with us. Arriving at Nong Khai we booked the short trip, had lunch and then Warunee and me went across the “Friendship Bridge” (over the Mekong river) because the rest of the family didn’t have a passport (they went to the Aquarium of Nong Khai)! In the afternoon we went home again with the important stamp in my passport (I can now stay in Thailand until September 24th, then I have to have a new stamp).

Want happened also in the last 2 weeks:
– The “old” Honda of Warunee is now transferred to the name of Siripron and I paid Warunee of course. We only have to have insurance on the car.
– I checked many times the status of the land of the “old house” and the status is still the same because we had some rain but the “rainy season” still have to start.
– We received the first plans for our new house on the iPad of Warunee and of course some things where changed and we need the change some things… We will speak to the architect later this week.