Finished in time !!!

The days between the last blog (on May 8) and now were the days of trying to finish everything about the house before the rainy season will start. The weekend of May 9 and 10 we cleared up the land from the left over pieces of wood and cut some of the trees. We put all of the wood and the branches on the land of Wannapa & Wutti, so on Sunday we had to cut it in little pieces and leave it to dry (later put it on fire). After that we had no water in the house and on Monday we had a shower at the home of Wannapa & Wutti. Also the digging machine had to come these days but it broke down and they had to fix it more than one time… But on Friday (May 15) around 17:00u. the big digging machine arrived at the old house and demolished the old foundation and the old water tank. It was great to see and on the photos the results are visible (see photos).

And then the next day the ground (Papa wanted sand, because stronger) came. It came in big trucks and another machine spread the ground over the old land. They had to stop after lunchtime on Saturday because the digging machine (for getting the sand in the trucks) broke down again… but on Sunday we had 32 (30 + 1 for free + 1 too much) truckloads of sand on the old land. We you look at the left wall on all of the photos in this blog you can see how much higher the ground is now (but it will go down a little in the rainy season).

Manny people ask me “What are the next steps?” so here they are: we have to measure up the land and make the final plans for the floor plan of the house. After that a colleague of Warunee will make the drawings for the builders and make the estimation of the materials we need. After the rain season (end of September/October) we need to high up the ground again, but then with red ground (gravel). When that is finished “we” can start to build the new house…

Other things that happened:
– My MP3 player was not working well so I had to transfer the Thai Lessons (and more) to my iPhone 5S and my iPad 2.
– It was also the days of getting all of the papers that we need when we go to Bangkok at the second half of June. Still many papers have to come from Holland because they have to be not older that 3 or 6 months… 🙁