Nothing happened?

This a “short” blog because nothing happened this week…
But first I have to tell about Sunday May 17th, the Sunday of the sand, because I said that we had to work in afternoon. We had to correct the sand were the machines could not come, it looked a little like working on a beach.
After that on Monday I did my second transfer of money from Holland to Thailand and because the rate was looking good (above 38 Bath for 1 Euro) I transferred a big amount. Transferring always take a few days (3 or 4) and of course the rate went down again… but in Thai Bath I am now a millionaire 😉
Also on Tuesday my first pension arrived on my bank in Holland and yes it feels a little strange to get pension at the age of 59. This was the pension of the GBF (I worked 10 years in the Printing Industry) the other pension of Aegon still have to come (maybe around 26 of this month or else one month later).
Finally on Wednesday I could measure up the land and the length is a not so long as I thought it would be (only about 37,6 meters). The width was as I expected it would be, different at the front and then back (13,4 meters against 15,6 meters). And there was (snail) mail from Holland, the invitation from Anja & Paul and the first papers that I need arrived.
On Thursday the family of Warunee went to Pattaya by car (about 700 km drive) and we were until Sunday evening with 4 people instead of 8…it was a little quit in the house… On Saturday and Sunday morning I went with Siripron to the small hospital (gezondheid-centrum) because she had to do overtime between 09:00u. and 12:00u. and I could do some updates because of the fast Internet there.

Because there are no photo’s with the above subjects here a photo of the back of the house of Warunee and one of the beautiful sky I see almost every late afternoon above that house.