The erosion !!!

On the night from June 2nd and June 3th something happened were I was already afraid of. The third big rain of the last few day flushed a “small” part of the sand away in front of the land and the sand get out through the gate. Papa saw this in the morning and we went to see it around 17:00u. The problem was now small but we had to do something about it. So we cleared-up the front of the gate and made a temporary solution with some of the old wood. On the photo below you can see this and also the erosion of the sand! We were lucky that one of the locale builders came by on his motor bike and we asked him for helping us (I promised him a bottle of whiskey if they helped us). He said that he had to talk to his boss about it and the next morning they came to the house of Warunee and told us the price. For me the main thing was that we had a solution so of course I said yes. After their work, in overtime, two of them made the wall of blocks that is shown on the next photo. I paid the agreed price and gave 100 Bath extra + the promised bottle of Thai whiskey.