Trip and the demolition of the old house.

The first days of May were partly filled by doing the papers for my second pension, especially the paper to proof that I am alive and living in Thailand seemed to be a little difficult. But I found an article on the Internet about somebody who went to his doctor and that was very easy for me because my (soon to be) brother in law (Wutti Srisukh), is the second boss in the hospital of Ban Thon. Now see if it will be in time for the end of May.

In the weekend we supposed to go to the sea, and the plan was to go to Bangkok to Tanakrit (the son of Arun (the second brother of Siripron)) and his wife Araya, and then go to Pattaya… NO, go to Rayong!
But… Amnoy, the husband of Warunee, had to work on Saturday, so we only had Sunday May 3. Around 09:00u. we went with 2 pick-ups (20+ people) to lake “Bueng Khong Long”, a drive of about 100 km (2½ hours with stops). On our way to the lake we had already bought drinks (water, coke, whiskey and so), at the restaurant at the lake we ordered food and sat down on 2 platforms on the side of the beach (see photo). Sitting, eating, swimming (also for me – first had to buy swimming trunks), several times Banana boat (not for me) and ice-cream took us to the end and we drove back home.

At Monday, May 4th, the demolition of the old house started. Most of the time 5 people worked on the house and on Thursday the last of the big pools went out. I tried to record this all by making photo’s but sometimes it really goes fast (see photo’s).