The last days of April.

Because of the wedding on Monday, April 27, I had to have a haircut. In our village Ban Pho Chai (the new name for Moo.9 of Ban Thon) is a shop for doing hair so we went there Monday afternoon. I had the pay 30 Bth (that is about EUR 0,85) and Siripron for washing, drying and removing the dead ends of her hair 70 Bth. So Christel Kantier no good business for you here… 😉
In the evening we went to the wedding. When we arrived we gave some money to the wedding couple and we made a photo with them. After that we went to a table for having dinner, I think there were more than 50 tables of maximum 8 persons and 1 big table for special guest and the wedding couple. As soon we sat down we already get our food, so not everybody at the same time. On the table there was 1 bottle of whiskey, some bottles of soda and water. During the dinner the wedding couple came in to the big room and they went to the stage for a ceremony and speeches from important people. The only thing I found strange is that everybody was not silent but went on with their own conversation… Almost at the end the wedding couple went to every table and for the second time we were on a photo with them. When we went away we did another photo in front of the wedding stage outside (see photo).

Already on Tuesday some of the family came to clean-up the old house and move almost everything to the house of Warunee (and some things to other houses). Siripron and me also had to talk to a man of insurance and did some shopping, also for lunch (this was my first big drive in the old car of Warunee, it was about 25 km). When we came back the lower part of the house almost empty (see photo).

The next days were also days for cleaning-up the 2 houses. What do I mean with clean-up: sorting out everything, make extra power cords for 2nd fridge and many more. Wednesday evening we had a Baby shower & dinner with the family of the son of the owners of the shop nearby. I also tested my iPhone 5S as a hotspot for the laptop & the iPad and this worked so good that I upgraded my speed of my iPhone 5S Internet. We finished April with a dinner at a Chinese restaurant for a kind of Chinese fondue. It was the third time that I was in this restaurant (first time in September 2014) and I like it very much. Dinner for 4 grownups with 2 kids did cost around 600 Bth. (around EUR 17,–).