Dentist, Buddha Day, Activities and more…

The first full week of July was all about the coming dentist appointment. I had to prepare myself for the 7 teeth extractions. So not cycling on Friday but walk 5 km on Thursday and after that go a little in advance to Kham Ta Klam for my “standard” lunch. Saturday 9 July after an ATK test the extractions took place and I had a root canal treatment because of an infection. After 2.5 hour I got my new dentures in and we went for lunch to Central Place. There, after “easy food”, I got really dizzy, but I could drive home and jumped into bed. The next few day the new under denture gave me many pain, so I went on Friday back for a few adjustments. On Monday 18 July I went back to Bangkok Hospital Udon Thani to get the stitches out.

13 & 14 July were the 2 Buddha Days (Asalha Puja Buddha Day & Buddhist Lent Day) as the start of the 3 months with special Buddha Days. On both days Siripron went with her Papa to the morning service at our Temple. On these days there were also parades in the village, 1 from our Temple and 1 of the Tambon. The day before people of the village did a big clean-up of dirt and they cut the grass in front of the houses. But not our grass, because I was already busy with that when they came…

For the “virtual challenges” I am still busy with the “Conquer 2022”, the year challenge of 2.022 mile (3.255 km of cycling). This month I virtual walked & biked in China (a part of the Silk Road), Ireland (Wild Atlantic Way), Japan (the Nakasendo Trail), Middle Earth part 4 (The Eye of Sauron) and in the USA (a part of a trail on the east coast). I finished Bangkok, China (long version of the Great Wall), Middle Earth (part 2 “The Fellowship” & part 3 Mines of Moria), and a 5 km walk for “The Turtle”. For LOTR (Middle Earth) challenges I’ve made a special medal hanger with a map hanging above it.

Because of the rainy season I had to do the grass many times but its going very well with the new battery powered Makita lawn mower. For the fruits in our garden we still have Thai cherries, nonya (custard apples) and we now getting Lam yai (longans). Siripron went almost every weekend at least one day to the rice field to do maintenance.

Other things that happened:
– We’ve paid our car insurance at the Honda garage.
– I bought a new battery powered drill, also from Makita with compatible batteries.
– 28 July was Kings Birthday in Thailand and Siripron had the next day also off.
– Some days in July we had many rain but if it’s enough…