Garden, Nakhon Phanom, Udon and more…

On the first photo form left to right the battery Black & Decker trimmer, bought in June 2019, we bought later an extra battery (our lawn needed about 20 to 40 charges). The Swift Garden 32 cm battery lawn mower, we bought a hedge trimmer of the same brand to have an extra battery and charger (we needed 6 to 12 charges – charging time 5 hours). Our new Makita 38 cm battery lawn mower, we bought also a fast charger with 4 “5 Amp batteries” (charging time about 1 hour for 2 batteries). With the Makita I could do our whole lawn with those 4 batteries, with a little help from Swift for the sides. The mango’s from our own garden are almost finished, Siripron made a few bottles mango puree. Next month there will be jackfruit, lamyai (logans) and noyna (custard apples) from our own trees.

On 18 June we drove to Nakhon Phanom, first we went to the running event area to get our running shirts for the next morning. After check-in “our” “Fortune River View Hotel” we went by tuktuk to the city centre for a little walk and a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant (they opened again after Covid). On Sunday morning we ran/walked the 5 km Fun Run, with this year again a turn before the Laos Immigration. Food & drinks were in closed packs & bottles. After breakfast in our hotel we went back home.

24 June was our 7th Wedding Anniversary and 30 June Siripron had her Birthday. So on Friday 24 June we went to Udon Thani for a nice lunch, some shopping but first a visit to Bangkok Hospital. At the dentist I had again a fitting (next month they will do the extractions) and after that I’ve got my 2nd booster injection of Moderna. The next stop was at the optical shop for getting my new glasses that we ordered 2 weeks before when we also visited Udon Thani. At the Police station we paid to get our wheel block away, bought some take-away Vietnam food for the family and at a gold shop we bought a present for Siripron (see photo). Lunch was at the Pizza Company in Central Plaza, Siripron had a Caesar salad and I had some assorted fries. After lunch we did some other shopping and went home.

Other things that happened:
– I changed the tap on the sink in our bathroom.
– 3 June was Queens Birthday in Thailand.
– My standard lunch at Kham Ta Kla with buy bread and frikandel.
– I’ve got a flat tire on my bike and I had to walk about 5 km.
– Dutch Government (SVB) send me information about my future pension (AOW).
– Siripron went a few times to the rice field to do some maintenance.
– Benz change for work in Taiwan, he moved to another factory.
– Some virtual activity medals came and I am still busy with other challenges.