Garden, Check-up, Activities, Covid and more…

For our garden May was “mango time”. We have 3 kinds of mangos on total 4 trees: a “normal” specie, a bigger kind and a small tree with a purple specie. Every time mangos were falling down on the grass. So Siripron decided 2 times to make mango jam, for now I have enough jam at breakfast. Also the fig plants/trees are giving many fruits and we also have more than enough Thai cherries, the sparrows are very happy with them. In the front of our house we had several plastic pots with plants who fell down with some strong wind. That is why we decided to buy bigger concrete ones and Siripron move the plants to the new pots in a long weekend with 2 extra days of.

After my bike accident last month I had a problem with my false teeth. Because the specialized dentist in Sawang Daen Din was very busy, I decided to go Bangkok Hospital in Udon Thani and I also made an appointment at the Eye Clinic there. On 17 May I went to Udon Thani for a dental plan and an eye check-up. With the dentist I agreed about a 2 phase renewal where it’s possible to stop after phase 1 which we already started. After the eye test was it at little difficult to find the perfect glasses prescription but at the end I was happy. The last test was for cataracts and I seem to have some slight problems with that (less night vision). For now I have to get new glasses.

For the “virtual challenges” I am still busy with the “Conquer 2022”, the year challenge of 2.022 mile (3.255 km of cycling). This month I virtual walked & biked in China (a part of the Great Wall & a part of the Silk Road), Dubai (Abu Dhabi to Dubai), Hawaii – Maui island (Road to Hana), Ireland (Wild Atlantic Way), Middle Earth part 2 (The Fellowship) and in the USA (a part of a trail on the east coast). I finished Greece (Alexander the Great marathon), the “Holorun“ (a virtual theme), Morocco (Road to Casablanca), Middle Earth (part 1 “The Shire”) and South Africa (Kruger Park – 2nd edition).

In our family we had some cases of Covid 19 but only the lighter variation with fever and headache. But of course we had to be careful with the Papa of Siripron at the house of Warunee. Siripron and I had both a Covid 19 test (for me in the Bangkok Hospital before the dentist visit) but we tested both negative (so no Corona).

Other things that happened:
– Tomas (husband of Warunee) went back to Sweden.
– I ordered again some boxes with Dutch stroopwafels.
– I had again a lunch at Kham Ta Kla, also got my bread and sausages.
– Friday 13 May was Plough Day in Thailand.
– Sunday 15 May was Visakha Bucha Day, so the Monday after was a day-off.
– The rainy season started early this year with some heavy rain showers.