The end of the Holiday… ;-)

Tomorrow I will move from the resort to the house of Warunee Tummarak and her family. Warunee is the youngest sister of Siripron and they made for us a special room and bathroom with all the comforts. The bedroom is air-conditioned and the bathroom has a device for warm and cold water in the shower. Because it is holiday for school in Thailand until May 16th everything is finished in time. Also tomorrow we have to buy our new bed, of course one at the farang size of 160 x 200 cm.
So from Saturday, April 25 2015, I will live closer to my new home in Moo.9 of Ban Thon (north of Sawang Daen Din) and I do not have to spend my money on good but expensive lunches at the resort (I also will not have my American breakfast anymore). That is why I call it “The end of the Holiday”, with a smiley of course. On the photo below on the left my room at the resort.

So what are the plans for the next days and weeks:
Learning the Thai language and eating more spicy are the most important things I have to do. At April 27 we will go to the wedding of a colleague of Siripron. And I hope that we can transfer the “old” care of Warunee to us and get insurance on it. We also hope to sell the old house (for the price of the good wood in it) but we know that this is difficult because of the bad market of selling wood.