And then…

Tuesday evening, April 14 Siripron told me that her aunt was sick, much pain in her stomach, and that she was brought to the hospital at Sawang Daen Din. Later in the evening aunt was brought to the hospital at Sakon Nakhon (about 80 km east of Sawang Daen Din). Siripron did not want to go to sleep and I sleep a little. I the morning at 06:30u. Benz, son of Siripron, told us that aunt died in the early morning at home (she came back to her home to die). Siripron was very upset because this aunt was like a second mother to the family after Siripron her own mother died in 2009.
So the first thing we do this Wednesday was to go to aunt her home, across the street a little bit to the right, and we showed our respect to the daughter of aunt and her family. We also gave some money to help with all the costs, because many people (including us) will come the next days for eating together at aunt her old home and of course the costs of the cremation. Aunt was in in her old home in a closed coffin with many flowers on it (see photo).

Thursday was already the day of the cremation because Friday it was a Buddha day. So at 13:30u. we went to the temple of Ban Thon (not the temple of our village, Moo.9) and we sat down on reed mats and the ceremony started. Of course I did not understand it but it started with praying (or chanting), then a speech from the family, then the family gave piece of clothing to the monks and final the cremation itself. The body of aunt was during the ceremony in a separate building in an open coffin and now all the people went to that build and one by one gave a flower and did some water over the body, especially over her head. When the last people where there the actual cremation of the body started and behind the building all the flowers were burned. At Sunday, April 19, was the last dinner at the former house of aunt.

What do I have special with aunt… Of course she was the aunt of Siripron but it was also the aunt who gave me an orange Buddha bracelet when I went home in September 2014 for protection. And I got a yellow Buddha bracelet with a brown bead when I came back April 4. So special for these days I worn at the least one of them and the most of the times both (see photo).