IM Diny, Taxes, Activities and more…

On Thursday 17 March my sister in law Diny died after a declining health situation. Diny was the wife of my oldest brother Peter and she was 76 years old. Even though the last months were very heavy for her she wrote “Mijn prachtige avontuurlijke leven is afgerond, omringd door veel liefde van mijn dierbaarsten, familie, lieve vriendinnen en sportvrienden. Ik heb genoten. Diny” (the translation: “My beautiful adventuress life has come to an end, surrounded by the love of my loved ones, family, dear friends and sports friends. I’ve enjoyed it. Diny”) as a goodbye. On 22 March Siripron and I could follow the goodbye service of Diny on a special Internet link, may she rest in peace !!!

After preparing my papers we went on Wednesday 9 to the Revenue Office in Sawang Daen Din for a tax return based on income and the result was that I had to pay 4.778 THB (about EUR 132) for the whole year. Last week in did my Dutch tax return on the Internet and that was done within 15 minutes (all my income is taxed in Thailand). The result is that I have paid nothing and have to pay nothing.

For the “virtual challenges” I am still busy with the “Conquer 2022”, the year challenge of 2.022 mile (3.255 km of cycling). This month I virtual walked & biked in Canada/USA (Niagara Falls), China (a part of the Great Wall & a part of the Silk Road), Colombia (I’ve started the Coffee Trail again), India (a part of the Golden Triangle) and in the USA (a part of a trail on the east coast). I finished Ireland (The Ring of Kerry), Italy (Cinque Terre), Spain (Barcelona), USA (Roswell) and a support challenge for the Ukraine. For the support challenge of Ukraine I gave 2 challenges to friends.
On Saturday 26 March I ran the “Anamai Health run” of almost 4 km. This short run was also a Support Ukraine challenge but from another virtual runners group.

Other things that happened:
– I had again a lunch at Kham Ta Kla, also got my bread and sausages.
– On 4 March the birthday of Benz (24) & on 10 March the birthday of Both (22).
– On Saturday 5 March we had a “Farang lunch” with friends from BE & NL
– We gave a small donation to the school of Warunee to building a playground.
– Both got a 3 month Holiday from the Army and he went to Preaw in Bangkok.
– The old fridge for cooking stuff at the home of Warunee is replaced by a new one.
– In March we had a few days with some (heavy) rain showers.