Driveway, Trips, Family and more…

For the house/garden workers started with our driveway. One of the first things they had to do was getting away a part of the (new) red sand because we wanted the driveway a little lower than the concrete walk around the house. Almost one week later the driveway was finished, about 150 m2 and 12 cm tick. Soon after that the big rains came and our trees, plants and flowers got the normal rainy season growth spurt.

In the first (working) week of May I got some days an afternoon visit from Madmee & Madmai, the twin of Warunee (they wanted to play with our iPad). Monday 8 May we went to Udon Thani Airport to pick up Warunee after her visit to Tomas in Sweden. We went together to the Big C for lunch and we bought some cloths.
The same week there were some days off for Siripron, 10 May Buddha-day and 12 May. On the Friday we went to the Temple Wat Pa Phu Kon, a little far from our home (about 200 km). The Temple with the beautiful complex roofs, the view of the surroundings and of course driving the last 50 km trough the hills were great.

Somewhere in May Siripron got a disappointing message from the school of Benz. Because of frequent absent he have to do a part of the last school year again !!! Of course not the internship but the last “half year”. Benz really wants to go to school again so for the first part of the “school” year he will assist an uncle with several jobs.
Before the big rains started Siripron asked people to plough our rice field and we hired a machine to plant the new rice plants. Of course this costs money and Siripron is talking to Arun (her middle brother) if he want to do the rice field next year… as rent we will get a part of the rice harvest.
At 19 May Siripron started with extra overtime at the hospital because an inspection of 26 May and 6 June. She had to check and rearrange the medicines at the room upstairs. The hospital also got a paint job and a complete renovation and an extension of the roof.

Other things that happened:
– Our monthly visit to Kham Ta Kla for bread and sausages.
– At a home dinner we talked to Nattapat and Max (from Germany) about the possibility of them getting married for Buddha but… in the Isan this is also a money thing…
– With Supana & Jan we went to a restaurant in Sawang Daen Din. Jan and I saw the episode “Thailand” of the Dutch TV program “Helden van de Wildernis”. And from Supana & Jan we got many mangos and a pot of mango jam.
– Of course Chok Dee is doing well and from photos on Facebook many people say that he is a beautiful male Bangkaew dog.
– And on Monday 29 May the car accident happened… but I will tell more about that in a next blog…