House, Marriages, Farangs and more…

For the house and garden not much happened. We only bought some new trees/plants because other trees/plants died (animals/ants). The end of winter/start of summer so far is mild, the temperature is not above 36-38 degrees Celsius. We had some days/nights with many rain and wind, of course with some power cuts.

In March we had in one weekend 2 marriages, one of a son of a friend of Siripron, we were invited for 4 days, but the same weekend Ann (Chamnanrit Premrudee) the daughter of our nearby shop owners (Pan & Pai) got married. So we went on Thursday evening to a nearby village to pre-celebrate the first marriage with a dinner and music of Wutti (the husband of Wannapa). On Saturday 4 March we were at the Buddha marriage of Ann, this was a kind of brunch with an “official Isan part without Monks”. The music on this party was again by Wutti.

The weekend of 11 and 12 March was a Farang weekend and we went to the resort Badasa of Penny and Christiaan in Kut Din Chi/Naklang, about 75 km west of Udon Thani. First we met the other Thai ladies & Farangs at the Makro in Nong Bua Lamphu, to buy food for dinner. At the resort, after a warm welcome and a dive in the swimming pool, we sat down for a “Farang BBQ dinner”. Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast, did a music quiz with Christiaan on guitar and finished up by paying our bills for the dinner and drinks. After saying goodbye we went to Central Plaza in Udon Thani for Farang food and a little shopping.

On a (spooky) Friday evening we arranged a small dinner at the house of aunt at the request of Eye’e Kapolo. Eye’e can eat only a little and when we asked her she choose shrimps that we bought on the local Sawang Daen Din market. Everybody had a nice time and we could see that Eye’e enjoyed it too.
Chok Dee is doing well, I now take him out for short walks in the village. He got again an injection and after that we visited Supana & Jan. For Chok Dee that means playing with the month older Trippel.

Both is still at his training for a hairdresser for men and he is also helping in the shop of the mamma of Piauw with her work as a hairdresser for woman. We are very happy that Both have this opportunity and “we” had a talk with Mamma of Piauw about the future of Piauw & Both…!!!…

Other things that happened:
– Our monthly visit to Kham Ta Kla for bread, sausages and frikandellen.–
– John Bridge & Tony (John’s son) visit us again on a Sunday afternoon.
– I killed my first snake, it was a realy small one and it didn/t had poison…
– My weight is around 95 kg, my blood pressure was 118/71 thanks to the pills.