My first “short” blog…

A part of this blog was already on Facebook but I want the blogsite to be complete.

– Saturday, April 4 2015, I arrived @Udon Thani airport after leaving Holland (NL) at the day before. At first we did some shopping with of course Siripron and the family of Warunee Tummaruck. When arriving “home” I had to say hello to many people and we had the “welcome dinner”.
– The next day I slept at little longer and so after late breakfast we went to the home Siripron. Later that day a late lunch and in the evening we went to the home of Wannapa & Wutti Srisukh for then music and a little karaoke…
– On Monday we went home for washing and went to Sawang Daen Din for my Thai mobile number.
– Tuesday Siripron had to work for half a day and in afternoon we went to the KBTbank for a ATM card. And then a little storm with rain… no power in Sawang Daen Din and… rain and no power in Ban Thon.
– Of the following 2 days I don’t have notes because I started my iPhone notes on April 10…
– Friday at my resort I started this blogsite, that I now (September 4 2015) have to do all over again. We went home for dinner and back to my resort. Then a big rain again and no power until 23:00u.
– On Saturday we did not go to the festival for the start of Songkran at Swang Daen Din because of the rain but we went to the house of Warunee to see the first DvD of The Hobbit. After that we went to the Saturday market and we had dinner at the home of Warunee.
– Sunday, the second day of Songkran, we saw some water throwing from pick-up trucks and again we went to see the DvD of The Hobbit. We ended that day at the house of Wannapa & Wutti.