Website, bike and more…

In the last few weeks this website have made a lot of changes. I changed the background to the “old” background of my “business” card, but it stretch up with the length of the page. A mayor step was introducing more “pages/tabs” (“About me” was already a page). The new are pages “Food”, “Scenery” (former “Moo.9”) and “Weather” and on the pages are “photo’s gallerias”. In a galleria you can click on a photo for an enlargement and after that you can go to the previous or next photo. The last changes were: a “favicon” (the flag of Thailand) and a 20 sec. video on the weather page.

Because I want to exercise a little I wanted to buy a bike. But I did not know what kind of bike I could buy here in Thailand (size ???). And of course there was a bike shop of a family member in Sawang Daen Din and with a good discount I could buy a mountain bike of the perfect size. There were already photos of the bike on Facebook but here are 4 in a galleria.

And what about the rest of these 2 weeks? I had to buy an official MS Windows 8.1 because they only deliver notebooks with a demo version (I had to count until 10…). They installed it for free but I had to do all my extra installs again (I had to count until 10 again…). I have read a book (Thai fever) about the differences between Thai and Western thinking. The subjects were respect for the parents (săm-núk-bun-kun), love (náam-jai), marriage (sin-sod), giving to people of the “family” (náam-jai) and education of the children. This book was very interesting because it explains very good how Western people think about (money) support and how Thai people think about it.
But this is not why we also bought a (golden) present for the coming birthday of Siripron 😉