About me

Welcome to the general information page “About me”. I am Tim Kerssens a Dutch man, born in 1956, who immigrated to the Isan (or Isaan) region in Thailand in April 2015. The purpose of this emigration was and is to live togeter with my wife Siripron Tummarak (we married on June 24th 2015) and her family of 2 sons (Benz & Both) and her Papa.

But first more about my past life in The Netherlands (Holland) (NL) because I lived there for more than 59 years. I grew-up in Haarlem a city about 25 km west of Amsterdam. In Haarlem I also went to school until I was 17 years old and after that I went to a school in Amsterdam. My first Job was in Haarlem, my second job in Beverwijk (north of Haarlem) and my third job in Zwanenburg (between Haarlem and Amsterdam). My last job was with Systeemhuis Compri B.V., and in that time they moved from Amstelveen to Almere to Lelystad and I moved in 1992 from Haarlem to Almere. In 1994 I get married to Ellen Esselman and in the beginning of 2013 we divorced as friends.
At the end of April 2014 I met Siripron Tummarak on the Internet (ThaiLoveLinks) and from that moment on we knew that we belong to each other. Every day we had more than 2 hours of contact thanks to Skype. From November 2014 I try to sell my house in Almere and at the end of March 2015 everything was finished, of course I also quit my job. With the money from my house and an early pension I left Holland and went to Thailand.

In Thailand the first 3 weeks I stayed in a resort at the south of Sawang Daen Din and after that I went the the house of Warunee Tummarak, a younger sister of Siripron, and her family. This was for a few months because we had to build our own house on the land of the old house. Both houses are in Moo.9 of Ban Thon (north of Sawang Daen Din). A Moo is a part of a village and Ban Thon have now 10 parts.